• Connie is exceptional. I have never known her to try anything and not succeed.

    2011 -- Lou Holtz
    Coach Lou Holtz
    Football Coach
  • Connie’s willingness to learn and her determination to succeed earned her the title of Talent Scout. She gained the respect and admiration of those in the college and professional ranks because of her total dedication. I highly recommend her, and I am certain that she will continue with the same enthusiasm throughout her life.

    Walt Michaels
    Former Head Coach, New York Jets
  • Connie is a great joy to have around and she certainly is a young lady with great enthusiasm, along with an abiding love and knowledge of sports, so could there be any wonder that she and I get along so well.

    WOODY HAYES 1977
    Woody Hayes
    Head Coach, Ohio State University

Rebuilding is Not Tanking

The New York Jets will always dominate the sports pages in New York / New Jersey, but too often it’s not because of great play on the field. There have been some exciting years – in the 1980’s with the beloved record breaking “Sack Exchange” but losing the AFC championship game 14-0. Coach Don Shula […]

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Thank you Brick!

I will really miss D’Brickashaw Ferguson.  The finality of his retirement from the New York Jets tomorrow at his press conference will be tough to take. The NFL has always been said to stand for “not for long” and through my 50 years of being a diehard Jets fan, you’d think the end of a […]

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My Take on Kathryn Smith as NFL Coach

Today is a historic day for the NFL: the appointment of Kathryn Smith as a full-time female coach on an NFL team. As a woman who was blessed to work for the New York Jets in the 70’s as the league’s first female scout, I always dreamed of this day. I secretly wished for it […]

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Bring the Emotion Jets!

Overcoming a Bad Loss The loss last week to the Oakland Raiders was more than a normal loss. It was not just going out, playing a much improved Raider team, giving everyone you have, and coming up short. It started with our quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick not sliding and losing him right from the start with a […]

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