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The official home of the NFL’s first female scout, Connie Nicholas Carberg.

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Connie Carberg

I just read the joint statement by the New York Jets and Giants and it hit me like a ton of bricks! It marks the end of an era for me. A joint statement from the Jets

Connie Carberg

A Legend to the NFL, a Mentor to Me Text messages and phone calls were rapidly being shared yesterday by former players and staff that knew Coach Walt Michaels. The sad news of his passing at age

Connie Carberg

The last 10 months I’m exhausted. My world’s turned upside down. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train. For anyone who knows me, these are unusual statements. But this has been an unusual year for

Connie Carberg

In his press conference and with a smirking smile, he mocking a female reporter saying that “its funny to hear a female talk about routes.” “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes like — it’s


ESPN W (Jane McManus)

CONNIE CARBERG BLAZED TRAIL AS FEMALE NFL SCOUT By Jane McManus | Jul 31, 2012 Connie Carberg grew up with legends like Joe Namath visiting in Long Island. Her father...

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Sun Sentinel - 1987 Article on Connie Carberg

The Sun Sentinel – 1987

She grew up playing tennis with George Sauer. Gerry Philbin and Emerson Boozer used to come to her Long Island home for dinner parties. She knew Joe Namath, but her...

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Dick Young - Sporting News

The Sporting News

An article from renowned sports writer Dick Young mentioning Connie as the first female scout in the nfl. Article Text: Young Ideas – By Dick Young A “Girl Scout” in...

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