Growing Up With The Jets

Connie with Joe Namath

The year was 1963, I was 12, and my whole life became the world of football. I grew up in Babylon, Long Island being a tomboy, playing all sports with my brothers and their friends. My dad, (Dr. Cal Nicholas, Internist) and his brother, (Dr. James Nicholas, Orthopedist) became the two team doctors for the New York Jets (formerly Titans).

The AFL-NFL war was starting and the Jets landed Matt Snell of Ohio State in 1964 and then the most famous draft pick of all in 1965 “Broadway Joe Namath”. Entering High school that year I started studying the only draft magazine “Street and Smith” and watching ABC College Game of the Week, studying players and making my own mock drafts. Players and coaches were at our home constantly as my dad had his Drs. Office connected to the house and conversations about football were always going on. It was a great way to keep learning.

I sat at the games with a football coach from my High School and learned and questioned him for 5 years on what his eyes were looking at, not just the overall play.

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Connie Carberg and Joe Klecko
New York Jets
Connie Carberg

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