Lou Holtz

This is a lovely letter I received from Coach Lou Holtz, a dear friend who is the epitome of honor. I’m truly blessed by the folks I’ve worked with in sports.

Text of the letter

To Whom It May Concern:

The primary purpose of this letter is to tell you that Connie Carberg is an outstanding young lady who accomplishes unbelievable things. I knew Connie when I was the coach at the New York Jets, and have stayed in touch with her over the past 20 years. She’s conscientious, thorough, personable, and exceptionally talented.

She has an unbelievable knowledge and love of sports, and even worked in the player personnel department of the New York Jets. Normally you would think a young lady would not have the ability to be an expert in the field of sports, but I can assure you, Connie is exceptional. I have never known her to try anything and not succeed.

Thank you again,


Lou Holtz
Head Football Coach University of Notre Dame

Connie Carberg and Joe Klecko
New York Jets
Connie Carberg

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