Discovering Mark Gastineau


The Jets, then coached by another one of my “teachers”, Coach Walt Michaels, were coaching the Sr. Bowl and Mike Stensrud got hurt before the game. A replacement DL was needed and my boss, Mike Hickey, who was on the road scouting, called me and asked me to look at films, read the reports, make calls and decide and call him back. I spent time doing that and only one out of the 6 stood out on film and yet he was thought to be a 6th round pick from a small school. The phone call with his enthusiasm of readiness and attitude clinched it for me. The Name: MARK GASTINEAU. He ended up being MVP of Sr. Bowl (defense) and became 2nd round pick of Jets and 3 Time All-Pro and greatest pure pass rusher Jets have ever had.

I’m proud of having been able to make an impact on the world of sports without trying to do so. All I wanted to do was serve the team I loved in the sport I loved, and I was blessed enough to do that. It just so happens that I must’ve broken gender barriers, but it wasn’t my intention. It was just what came with doing what I loved.

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