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About Connie

About Connie Nicholas Carberg

Connie & the Jets Page

Connie Nicholas Carberg was the NFL’s first female scout and broke barriers without even trying. Growing up around the team that she’d love more than most anything else was a blessing for Connie. It all began when her father, Dr. Calvin Nicholas became the Jets’ team internist (and would be for 24 more years). It was one thing to go to every Jets game, but another to turn it into a profession. Following high school, Connie attended the Ohio State University and learned more about football from her mentor and friend, Woody Hayes. Woody took the young Connie under his wing, allowing her to attend every OSU practice, open or closed to the public.

After graduation, Connie was offered a job as a secretary with the New York Jets, and subsequently showed her talents, moving into the scouting department, and marking the first time a woman ever made a draft selection in the NFL (she chose Mike Bartoszek, in the 17th round).

Connie was named the first female scout in NFL history in 1976, under Mike Holovak, and some of the best drafts in New York Jets history occurred with her help. Connie also discovered the passionate defensive end, Mark Gastineau, solidifying her contributions to Jets history.

NFL's First Woman Scout Connie Carberg and Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman Joe Klecko
New York Jets
Connie Carberg

Joe Klecko to the Hall of Fame!

NFL’s First Woman Scout Connie Carberg and Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman Joe Klecko Joe Klecko is Canton-Bound! Barring some kind of unusual happening, all signs point to Joe Klecko

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