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Joining The Jets


Graduation in 1974 and my plans were set to teach High School and Coach girls sports after school. That all changed at a Jet get together as they were building the new Jet complex, Weeb Ewbank Hall, in Hempstead, Long Island (at Hofstra U.) I had a conversation with then Coach Charley Winner and he was impressed with my football knowledge and offered me the first job there as receptionist/scouting secretary. I accepted immediately

As more secretaries were added they promoted me to Scouting Assistant to Mike Holovak. This man had been an All-American at Boston College and former Coach of the Boston Patriots (not New England then). He was the finest judge of football talent I have ever seen. If you take a look at the Jets 1976 and 1977 draft you’ll see why I say that. It was before computers, pro days, or combines and I learned so much from him. In my second draft, (1975) there were 17 rounds then, the coaches and my boss turned to me and told me to make the last pick. I chose Mike Bartoszek, TE, out of Ohio St. and it was the first time a woman ever made a draft pick in the NFL! As far as I know no other woman has made a specific pick and called it in since then as well.

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NFL's First Woman Scout Connie Carberg and Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman Joe Klecko
New York Jets
Connie Carberg

Joe Klecko to the Hall of Fame!

NFL’s First Woman Scout Connie Carberg and Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman Joe Klecko Joe Klecko is Canton-Bound! Barring some kind of unusual happening, all signs point to Joe Klecko

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