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The AFC East Saga Continues – Rex is a Bill

As usual, the unpredictable happened.

Rex Ryan is now the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. Reports had been flowing about Rex going to ESPN, CBS, maybe the 49ers but almost for sure, since supposedly Arthur Blanks loved him, to the Atlanta Falcons to become their new Head Coach.

I woke this morning, turned on Sportscenter and there was the headline, Rex Ryan to be Head Coach of BUFFALO BILLS! I had read he went for a second interview, but it still caught me by surprise.

The Buffalo Bills finished 4th in defense (Jets were 6th) 1st in sacks (Jets were 6th), 3rd in takeaways (Jets were last), and 1st in TD-Int ratio (Jets were last).  Jim Schwartz as Defensive Coordinator did an outstanding job. Rex now walks to a better defense and from reports will bring his buddy, Dennis Thurman with him.  Reports on TV have the Bills also wanting to keep Schwartz.  I can’t see 3 defensive coordinators on one team! I’m interested to see how this plays out.

The Buffalo Bills have a solid TE in Chandler, and blossoming young WRs especially with Rex’ favorite School Clemson #1 pick from last year Sammy Watkins. After that, the Bills are similar to the Jets in needing Offensive line help and finding a franchise or even a “game manager” QB that he likes to go with a running game.

All Jet fans know the press will be drooling over Rex in Buffalo. He gets to still play Tom Brady twice which he loves, to try and beat Miami twice, and get revenge on the Jets.  Now we wait to see the New York Jets choice to replace him and the AFC East will be crazier than ever next year. Oh, and ex-Jet GM Mike Tannenbaum is now Director of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins.

Who could write this script?

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