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Big Win Against the Patriots!

The New York Jets Defense scored today!

The Jets started the game with a beautiful drive, taking the lead over the Patriots 7-0.  Marching down the field again, it looked like a minimum of 3 but maybe another 7.  Then, the dreaded Pick 6 going 80 yards the opposite way.  In the past, that was our recipe for continued disaster in that game.  But rookie QB Geno Smith acts calm, in control, and not afraid to keep throwing with his strong arm.  The Jets haven’t had an arm like his since Vinny Testeverde, and it’s so great when the Jets have 3rd and 10 or more it’s not an automatic draw play.  But OC Marty Mornhinweg mixed up the play calling so well that the Jets also ran the ball 52 times as well.

Brian Winters has also been a great rookie draft pick to go with “team spokesman” and tough guy Willie Colon to cement a now physical offensive line.  Recent additions Josh Cribbs and David Nelson already made a positive impact today.  And I love not taking a chance on WR Jeremy Kerley getting hurt now on punt returns, but able to concentrate on being the fine WR he is and sure was today.

The defense played just average in the first half, putting little pressure on Tom Brady and “Gronk” giving us a tough time.  Yet we were still right in the game, as they made Patriots work the ball downfield. The defense is solid but we just never stripped for a fumble and only had 1 interception in 5 games.  I don’t know what was said at halftime or what adjustments were made, but the defense came out aggressive and doing more”Rex stuff” to pressure Brady.  First we made them fumble but they recovered but then – It happened – Antonio Allen (who played a great game) made a pick 6 and the Defense had scored!  This was the game changer and I hope the beginning of many more.  Again, we gave up the drive for the tying FG instead of putting them away.

In the Overtime the defense got some pressure on Brady and they had to punt.  The Jets went to work with Chris Ivory running for clutch first downs with his “violent” tough runs. On third and short, we ran straight into the line and were stopped.  Now the Jets were asking for a 56 yard FG and if missed, Patriots would get the ball and only need 15-20 yards for a FG try.  I didn’t like our chances.  But a new rule, put in this year for supposed safety reasons like everything else, gave us the game.  Another 15 yards and “Folk Hero” Nick Folk is automatic again.

Geno is young, he will make mistakes as he grows, so the defense needs to be more than good.

Getting him the ball extra times or scoring on a fumble or Interception just changes the energy and of course field position.  Next, a score on a PR would be great and it looks like Cribbs still has the speed to do it.

This team is so much more than anyone predicted.  I know we have our QB and now can concentrate on building and who knows? GM John Idzik is already showing he has a plan and I’m enjoying seeing the pieces start to gel.

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