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Bring the Emotion Jets!

Overcoming a Bad Loss

The loss last week to the Oakland Raiders was more than a normal loss. It was not just going out, playing a much improved Raider team, giving everyone you have, and coming up short.

It started with our quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick not sliding and losing him right from the start with a thumb injury. The Jets were already playing without our anchor on the offensive line, Nick Mangold and now our leader QB was down. Geno Smith had to come in ready to lead the Jets. The running game was non-existent and I was surprised later in the week to hear Chris Ivory call out his line for missed assignments. Though Geno also got injured by not sliding, he did some encouraging things stepping in relief at QB.

A Defensive Disaster

The part that disappointed me the most was the defense. The 20 or so missed tackles were mind-boggling and it’s just so sad the CBA rules don’t allow the next week to really “hit, wrap up, and take to ground” tackle practices anymore. Now they hit dummy bags, not quite the same, and to my knowledge dummy bags can’t run and change direction in the open field.

Even more than the missed tackles was the lack of pressure or disruption on the QB by the front four. The Jets need to beat their men 1-on-1, not always with a blitz and the Jets should have the players, especially with Sheldon Richardson back, to do it. But it comes down to want, effort, desire, focus, emotion, and intensity. That’s what was lacking against the Raiders.  Even Coach Bowles said there was “loafing”, something I haven’t heard a Coach say in quite some time. It’s so easy to get up emotionally for the Patriots or Steelers or rivals. There are only 16 games, so we need to be up every game, especially against teams that we have the talent to beat.

Facing the Jaguars

Tomorrow is a really big game, Blake Bortles can run more than many think and has improved greatly this year. I don’t know if Brandon Marshall will be healthy enough to play. Ryan Fitzpatrick with his injured thumb will be limited, so the Jets defense is the key. David Harris, a great pro, quiet man, spoke up about the defense last week and hopefully will have them ready to respond.  A few turnovers would help too! Our team has been completely different this year in games when we had turnovers.

I believe Coach Todd Bowles will have them ready to play and got his point across to the team.

Last week was a huge lesson!

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