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Connie’s Pep Talk: Week 2 – Jets vs Patriots

It’s Time for Connie’s Pep Talk!

Every Jet fan I spoke to felt starting out 2-2 after our first four games would be considered a success.  This was with Sanchez at QB and counting the Patriot game as a sure loss.

Things sure change fast in the NFL.  Winning the first game with an improbable ending and Rookie Geno Smith at QB and tonight, 4 days later are playing a Patriot team with a limping offense, ripe to be beat and the Jets become 2-0 and in first place.  Oh my, what would the media  write about?

Now Coach Rex, your defense showed it was holding back like I thought in preseason.  Hope you have some more tricks to confuse Tom Brady because he still is the ultimate competitor, even missing so many weapons. Cromartie and Milliner need to play better than last week and should with the caliber of WRs they’re facing. The big three of Sheldon Richardson, Mohammed Wilkerson, and Damon Harrison need to get that push in Brady’s face and put hits on him and move him off his space.  I loved the emotion that Richardson brings to the Jets, it’s something we’ve needed Sheldon!

Now, the Patriots defense is going to try and really confuse Geno Smith.  Geno, hold that ball when Vince Wilfork comes at you. The man is a beast. Offensive line, you need to give Geno time to throw.  Last week in the first half, Tampa was getting through too easily but the second half saw improvement.  I’m excited about Geno using the screen pass to negate the rush.  Guys, I know we will miss Kerley at receiver, but lets see Holmes show us he’s back and Ryan Spadola step up.  You know the Pats are going to key on Kellen Winslow.

Every play in a game is important and we never know which player will influence the outcome.  Last week LB Demario Davis saved the game for the Jets.  On a blown coverage, it looked like Tampa Bay was going to score a TD but he hustled from nowhere, tackled him and then defense held them to three.  So the Jets only needed 3, and while many people thought thought it was impossible to score with 30 seconds(on their own 20 with zero timeouts)we know what happened!

But without Demario’s hustle, the Jets don’t win.

So all eyes are on us tonight, waiting to see what this Jet team is about.  Will you hustle every play, show improvement on offense, stifle Tom Brady, beat the Genius Bill Belichick, or will we let a decimated offensive Patriot team embarrass us?

This is our big chance to shock the football world!

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