Connie’s Pre-game Pep Talk: Jets vs Lions

Tough Sledding

When the NY Jets were at training camp in Cortland this past summer, a bunch of loyal Jet Fans would sit outside the Country Inn Suites Hotel and discuss the “murderous” Jets schedule.

After all agreeing that the Jets would defeat the Raiders on opening day, the consensus was it was imperative to be 2-2 after the first four games.

Facing Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, and Matt Stafford in consecutive weeks, getting at least one victory from those 3 games would feel good.  Little did any of us know that victories would be within our grasp against the Packers and Bears.  So this game against the Detroit Lions is a must win.

To be 2-2 is so different than 1-3 especially when the next three games are against 3 more All-Pro Quarterbacks and division leading teams – the Chargers, the Broncos, and our hated rival the New England Patriots!


There is no chance to breathe or take a play off.  I read that we’re simplifying things for Geno which is good.  I still worry about playing Eric Decker until he’s fully healed with that tough hamstring issue, and love going to underrated Jeremy Kerley, Salas, and hopefully we get our tight ends more involved.


Our defense is superb against the run, but Reggie Bush in space catching the ball can cause us problems with his speed. Of course, a pass rush without having to blitz would be awesome, giving more help covering Bush and the best WR in Football, Calvin Johnson.

THE KEY: We. Need. Turnovers.

Always the key and still the Jets problem this year.  Too many on offense and not enough caused by the defense. I’m putting in an order for 2 interceptions, (1 a pick 6), and a strip sack and fumble recovery! 2-2 will be ours!

Connie Nicholas Carberg grew up around the New York Jets with her father as the team’s internist for 26 years (Dr. Calvin Nicholas). In 1974, she joined the Jets as a secretary. In 1976, she was named the first female scout in NFL History. Her contributions led to a number of top drafts culminating with her discovery of a little known defensive end, Mark Gastineau. ConnieScouts shares her memories and blessings over the years.

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