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Connie’s Recap: “A Crushing Defeat”

Last year the players decided, though late in the year, to unite to win to make sure Coach Rex Ryan would be retained as Head Coach of the New York Jets.  They won their last two games, including a victory to knock the Miami Dolphins out of the playoffs.

Remember the celebration in the locker room?

The Jets better do the same thing right away especially if they still want their beloved Rex to be their coach.

Today, in a horrible, lopsided loss to the first place San Diego Chargers, 31-0, yes, in this day of offensive football, a shutout!  It was a total team loss. 12 sloppy penalties, an offensive line that made it impossible for any QB to succeed today, and WR’s that either don’t separate or the QB doesn’t have time to find them.

I just wish we were able to be a team that could throw screen passes to negate the rush or keep an outlet receiver for short throws when the QB gets in trouble. I thought getting Chris Johnson would be that guy in space or out of the backfield. I’m still looking to see the TE’s be used more, as they are a young QB’s best friend.  Geno Smith has that same confused look now that Mark Sanchez got with little time to throw, though Geno has a stronger arm.

Defensively this was a real disappointment.  A 4th string undrafted Rookie RB who ran a 4.6, Branden Oliver ran through us for over 100 yards and though we pressured QB Philip Rivers, he smartly beat the blitzes, hitting his WR’s and great TE Antonio Gates.  I know we are hurting in the defensive backfield, but many teams have injuries at positions and no room for excuses – next man up!

Jet fans love our team and hurt so much when we lose.  We know this team is in a building plan and have so many spots to fill.  It takes more than a year or two of drafts and a few specific free agents to build a winner.  What bothers me is the seemingly lack of anger or intensity to action, not just a bunch of words.  Actions always speak louder than words and the play ON the field needs to show the Jets are serious and totally dedicated to erasing their sloppy mistakes and improve the rest of the season.

This is a very big week for the Jets as the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning and his offensive weapons come to Met Life! Will the Jets pull together and shock everyone or will there be another “San Diego”?

Not next man, but “Total team up” !

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