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Connie’s Take – Oh How it Hurts – Recapping Jets vs Packers

Today was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Losing to the Green Bay Packers was not unexpected, having to face the best QB in the NFL Aaron Rodgers at the legendary Lambeau Field. But after scoring touchdowns on our first 3 possessions and leading 21-3, I almost believed this could be a monumental upset.  But a football game is 60 minutes, not 30.

I had no problem with the aggressive throw on our last drive of the first half, trying to really put the Packers away. Geno Smith got hit and intercepted but the Packers, if we have a great defense, should not have been able to go 97 yards in 1 minute 44 seconds for a touchdown.

That changed the game, but the Jets still had the lead 21-16 going into the half.

We get the ball to start the second half and Saalim Hakim fumbles it out inside the 10. Right away a Jet fan starts to feel that tightness in our chest. In the entire second half we had 100 yards on offense, the running game was shut down and we lost Eric Decker who had a great connection with Geno Smith.  We needed to get Chris Johnson in space or with screens and after Decker went out, help Geno with using our Tight Ends more.  Geno was 8-22 in the second half after a spectacular first half. (8-10 , TD passing, TD rushing).  Jeremy Kerley is a big key to this team and just need to utilize him more, he just makes plays.

But it’s the defense that I expected more from.  The pressure on Aaron Rodgers in the first half especially by Demario Davis was great. Even though we held the Packers to field goals in the beginning, they still had drives of 62, 67, then the 97 and then the 80 yard TD pass. Scoring 21 points in the first half but only 3 in the second meant our defense needed to step up and they couldn’t. Then getting in a fight, and Mo Wilkerson getting ejected, is not the way to show you have a tough defense. You show it by making the Packers go 3 and out or force a turnover.  Again, after getting a turnover on the first play, after that, the Jets needed special teams or defense to cause a turnover and get 3 or 7 to help the offense.

It’s just frustrating because we showed we could play with the Packers, and the next 5 games are against more Top notch QBs and tough teams.  We need to play smart, play 60 minutes, be disciplined, and do our fighting between the lines.

No question the Jets are much more talented than last year, now we going back home to Met Life and we need to Beat the Bears!

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