Grateful to Be Mentioned Among Historic Women

An GREAT article came out today by Melissa Isaacson on ESPNW regarding the state of women in the NFL, and my contributions were included in the piece.

I’m grateful to have contributed to advancements for women, but even more than that, that women who TRULY LOVE sports have a chance to do what they love. At heart I’m just a girl who loves sports.


Connie Nicholas Carberg grew up around the New York Jets with her father as the team’s internist for 26 years (Dr. Calvin Nicholas). In 1974, she joined the Jets as a secretary. In 1976, she was named the first female scout in NFL History. Her contributions led to a number of top drafts culminating with her discovery of a little known defensive end, Mark Gastineau. ConnieScouts shares her memories and blessings over the years.

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