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Happiness is a Jets Victory!

I know it’s only one victory, but beating the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, 20-13 meant so much more than that.


The Jets only had 3 the first 8 games but got 4 yesterday and did not turn the ball over themselves.

No matter how well our defense plays, without turnovers to help a struggling offense, to score a Defensive touchdown or to change field position to start a Jet drive on a shorter field, it made winning almost impossible. Plus it provides the emotion needed to play this tough game of football. So I am so thrilled with the Jets breakthrough on turnovers.

The horrible week of bashing by fans, media, billboards being purchased, banners being flown above a practice, even being part of Letterman’s not so nice Top 10, and to top it off Steeler fans trying to take over Met Life, this victory was the sweetest one!

It’s so awesome to go to work today, even in Florida, and everyone is talking about the Jets beating the Steelers and I walk so proudly today. It’s so great as we go into our bye week to listen to the radio and read tweets all about the Chicago Bears quitting on their coach, the Giants missing on many draft picks the past few years, and Lovie Smith being the dumb one for getting rid of Revis and not starting Glennon right away!

How fast the subjects change each week! I know the Jets have many weak areas to fill but at least going into the bye week, the Jets gave their loyal fans a glimpse of what is possible with patience, turnovers, and total focus in a game.

What a wonderful Monday morning!

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