Inner Toughness – Dwight Howard vs Andy Murray

Yesterday I found myself watching the men’s finals at Wimbledon. I’m not a big tennis fan but this was more than just a regular Championship.  Andy Murray had the weight of his Country (the Brits who hadn’t won in 77 years) on his shoulders. He was playing the #1 player in the world, and last year he lost there to Federer.

He wasn’t out there just playing tennis. He was playing every point as though it was his last and watching it I felt his guts, emotion, and will to win.

This is what I never see in Dwight Howard.  He looks like he’d rather be playing pick-up basketball and that winning is NOT the ultimate. No killer instinct and of course can’t even shoot foul shots, something people can improve on and that goes beyond natural ability.  He is loaded with ability but players like him just frustrate me. Maybe he will mature in Houston under Kevin McHale but I’m so glad Kobe spoke out about him. It needed to be said.

So thank you Andy Murray and maybe Dwight Howard should watch your performance. As a former famous coach for the Jets once said “You play to win the game”.



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