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Jets Beat Bills With Defensive Brilliance and the Deep Ball


8 Sacks, a RB going for 150 yards and a QB throwing for over 300 yards – sounds like an easy victory, right? But not with my Jets, they drain me of all energy and bring it down to the last possession.

The New York Jets needed this victory or falling to 1-2 when Miami and New England are 3-0 would make a difficult hill to climb. Plus as I said in my “pep talk” blog, our defense led By Coach Rex Ryan needed to outperform DC Mike Pettine’s defense of the Buffalo Bills.  The master needed to defeat the student with his genius, AND HE DID!

The first half was great football, a long opening drive for a TD by Geno Smith, long bomb to WR Stephen Hill for a TD showing his deep speed, and nice FG by reliable Nick Folk just before halftime.  Also, the defense of the Jets put constant pressure on EJ Manuel, the Bills #1pick and hit, sacked, and made him look like a rookie.  They could only manage Field Goals. It was a SMART first half, well executed and played.

Then came the second half.   Every time the Jets made plays, there was a yellow flag and an interception and then the defense started to see the same yellow flags till there were 20 of them. We also gave Buffalo almost an entire drive on offsides by jumping or pass interference and personal fouls. Next thing you know it’s 20-20 in the 4th quarter after smothering them by 14 points.

But give Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg credit and not being afraid to let Geno go vertical.  I had forgotten how great a WR Santonio Holmes is when healthy and his one handed catch was spectacular and clutch.  After that the defense continued it’s pressure and the rotating defensive line plus LBs David Harris and  Demario Davis stepped up to end the Bills hopes.

The penalties and losing composure by Kyle Wilson were not good but this Jet team showed emotion and toughness on defense. Not to mention offensive variety:  flea flicker, TE screen, 2 TD’s over 50 yards, An offensive line that is improving, 150 year rusher and a QB that seems to stay cool and throws such a nice long ball, a Jet fan can smile about the building blocks for the present and future.

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