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Jets Breaking the “Bye” Curse

The victory over the Washington Redskins by the New York Jets was predicted by most “experts”. Washington was missing many starters through injury and the Jets were playing at home.

The past six years have not seen positive results coming off a bye week for the Jets, even when playing a “lesser” team.

With a 1-5 record including a 38-3 whooping by the Buffalo Bills last year, when the Bills couldn’t even practice due to a huge snowstorm, yesterday was a big test for the new regime.

Could the Jets handle success at 3-1 and play with focus after a bye week?

The Jets started out slow, a fumble after a catch by Eric Decker, a ball stripped from Brandon Marshall’s hands, and a tipped ball for an interception – 3 turnovers in the first half and the Jets trailed 13-10 at halftime. There was no pass rush and the energy was lacking.


I don’t know what it is, but halftime adjustments seem to be a strength of Coach Bowles. The Jets came out, offense and defense, with intensity and focus, flying all over the field. Ryan Fitzpatrick displayed his toughness and leadership, the OL was opening holes for Our Beast Chris Ivory and Brandon Marshall displayed his hunger to win and be great. Of course the best DB in the game Darrelle Revis steps up with a pick and the defense starts putting more pressure on QB Kirk Cousins.

A big step! A victory after a bye.

The Jets already have equaled the number of victories of 2014. But Coach Bowles is different. He is building a team, 1 game at a time.

A victory is great but it’s one game. A loss is bad, but it’s one game. It’s a long season.

I’m excited and nervous for the upcoming game against our rival Patriots, but thrilled with the direction we’re headed.

On to New England!

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