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Jets vs Giants Games ALWAYS Matter (Even in Preseason)

Jets vs Giants Rivalry

Whenever the Jets play the Giants it takes the game up a notch in terms of a rivalry. Until the Jets won Super Bowl lll in 1969 the AFL  (and AFC Jets) were always the little sister in New York. After that momentus game caused the merger of the leagues, the Jets then played the Giants in the Yale Bowl in an exhibition game ( that’s what they were called back then)  and beat them badly, 37-14. Even Namath said that was THE game he wanted to win. In fact, Allie Sherman, Head Coach of the Giants was fired following this game. A news article proclaimed, “Fired Allie Sherman learns Exhibition Losses DO Count”

The Jets then owned New York for a time.

The Meaning of Tonight

Tonight the game is not important in the same way. It is still preseason and the coaches are evaluating 1st, 2nd and 3rd string as to whom will make the team. But the first team will play more than a half and as everyone already knows, the Jets are starting their Rookie QB Geno Smith.

This is a huge stage for him to start on and show his abilities to handle the offense. How will the OL protect him and will the running game take pressure off him? This is a big moment even though it’s a preseason where defenses aren’t showing all they have.

Speaking of defenses, the Jets D, even if playing vanilla, needs to show up with emotion, intensity, hustle, and 1-on-1 tackling ability. I’m not worried about showing all our blitzes or what Rex has in store.

Recent Moments in Jets/Giants Preseason

Recent Jets vs Giants preseason games have had some meaning.

  • In 2002 Chad Pennington was injured running from Brandon Short, dislocating his non-throwing wrist
  • In 2010 An unknown WR torched the Jets for 3 TDS, Victor Cruz.
  • What will 2013 mean for the Jets?

This is a Jets-Giant game that completely favors the Giants with experience at QB etc but I want to see a Jet team that came to play tonight!

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