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Preseason Week 1: Jets vs Lions – 7 Postgame Thoughts

I’ve been through so many preseason games have come to realize that every coach or team uses it for different purposes. I’ve read so many summaries on the Jets-Lions game from last night.  I just have a few thoughts after this game, and the only thing that really matters is injuries. Too bad seeing John Griffin get hurt.  Gotta stay healthy as Jets learn new system.

  1. The Jets WR/TE group is going to be stronger than last year by a mile.
  2. I believe the defense was playing totally vanilla, Rex not showing anything, and I don’t blame him.
  3. The offensive line has to gel with two new OG and will start to open holes for our RBs.  If they don’t, doesn’t matter which of the three QBs are playing.  If we can’t run, pass rush will kill us. And RBs and catching out of the backfield are so important in this new offense.
  4. I saw some guys that stood out on special teams in coverage, #58 Troy Davis, #35 Isaiah Truffant, #47 Danny Lansanah, and #9 Zach Rogers as PR if we want to keep Kerley healthy as WR.
  5. Too many penalties.  Just not being disciplined and smart. Don’t need talent to correct that, just reps and focus.
  6. #37 Jaiquawn Jarrett jumped off the tv screen with his play at safety. He made a statement.
  7. Not fair to judge Mark vs Geno since he got hurt and the only time we saw Geno face pressure is when he escaped and tripped over the green monster. This QB Competition is far from over.

Back to practice and on to Jacksonville!

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