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The Jets and the Need for Speed – Percy Harvin

I was sitting at home on Friday afternoon, watching “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN, when I got a phone call from my son Chris, in Orlando.  “Mom, did you hear the Jets got Percy Harvin?” I said yeah, right, that has to be a joke. But, within a few minutes, the news was all over Twitter!

A Super fast WR/PR/KR who had just scored 3 Touchdowns 2 weeks before for Seattle, only to have penalties nullify them! I was so excited and right then said if we gave up a 4th round or lower I’d be thrilled, not as thrilled if we gave up a #1 or #2.  I knew his history of migraines and lower body injuries. Oh, but what a Playmaker.

Twitter world was going wild! Jet Nation was gong crazy with all kinds of comments. Then came the news that we gave up a #6 possibly up to a #4 at the most! Awesome job Jets!  Then I heard if we find it doesn’t work, after this season we could release him and not be responsible for any more money! Again, great job Jets! Then my mind went to the idea that now NY Jets QB Geno Smith will have that weapon of speed, of screen passes, of downfield catches loosening up defenses, and short passes that he can break with his 4.41 speed for touchdowns.  This will really give us a truer picture of Geno’s abilities with weapons, vs. without.

Then everything exploded about Percy Harvins’s anger problems. We knew he had been suspended in High School for scuffles, had failed a drug test at the Combine, loved playing with Brett Favre, and had gotten into disputes with Coach Leslie Frazier and Brad Childress of the Vikings.

It’s so interesting that when Coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks jumped to get Percy and gave up 3 draft picks – a #1, #3, and #7 it was proclaimed a great move! There was no big media blitz that the Seahawks were giving the world for a “problem child”.  All we heard were this was the missing link they needed.

So the NY Jets make this totally unexpected trade and all these stories coming pouring out of somewhere. It’s hard to believe the media in Seattle didn’t know and/or report on punching teammates, and this monster in the locker room. So interesting how it explodes all over when he’s traded to the Jets.  Now Seattle gave up way too much for him, but Jets sure didn’t. With all the personal conduct emphasis, if he really has “anger issues”, maybe he’ll get help like Brandon Marshall.

Whatever the truth is, I for one eagerly await this trial and with the Jets record of 1-6, it’s so worth taking this chance and if he stays healthy, see how Geno Smith does with Harvin added to our offense.  Even if it just adds a threat to our special teams, it’s worth it.   This is a big chance also to see if he “loves Rex” and responds to this big opportunity.  If not, bye bye, nice knowing you and it doesn’t hurt the Jets monetarily or playoff chances this year.

It sure adds excitement to the rest of our season!

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