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Training Camp Day 3: Jets in Pads and Hitting

The Jets had their first practice in pads today.  It poured with thunder and lightning this morning but cleared in time to have them play in the Stadium at Cortland University.

Today Geno Smith played with the first team offense for much of the time and had a solid practice. He and Stephen Hill looked in sync  on long passes and Hill showed hands and concentration that should make any Jet fan excited.

The defense just really looks strong. Number one pick Richardson (taken with Revis’s trade pick) is going to be a force. Quinton Coples and Mo Wilkerson just keep getting better.There didn’t seem to be many openings for the running backs and the speed of the defense overall has increased. Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr, Chris Ivory, all didn’t play so that makes a difference on our offense.  Zak Rogers showed soft hands on punt returns.

I’m still needing more time on the offensive line as there’s quite a few to evaluate. But this camp has been the best so far with just pure football, no distractions beyond normal little stuff and lots of teaching going on with so many young and new players.

As soon as # 1 pick Milliner signs, this defense with Rex back in charge will be our strength as the new offense grows through the season. But Jet fans need to be patient – we are on the right track.

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