Jets Training Camp 2013: From Peekskill to Cortland

Training camp 2013 is finally here!  I’m leaving tomorrow for Cortland and cannot wait for practices to begin!

I must admit I miss the old 2-a-day real hitting practices where I could watch and tell who was a hitter, not just who got to a spot.  There is nothing like seeing guys get after it every practice but so much is changing.  It must be so tough on coaches and the new CBA sure changed things, plus the constant “safety” changes.  But I am speaking as a fan, I’m not wearing the pads in the middle of summer.

There will be a lot of new faces out there and I’m really anxious to see how all our draft picks look, since we finally have quite a few to watch.  I’m also hoping an Undrafted free agent (UFA) steps up, like a Wayne Chrebet did to surprise us.  Getting a lower draft pick or undrafted player to become a starter is as important as having your top pick come through for you.

NYJets Training camp has been the highlight of my summer life for 48 years and it continues!


Connie Carberg and Joe Klecko
New York Jets
Connie Carberg

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