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What a Game: The Jets UNBREAK My Heart

It was great to somehow win a game that we so often end up losing!

Nick Folk hitting a clutch 48 yard field Goal with 2 seconds left to bring an improbable 18-17 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  35 seconds before that no one thought we had a chance, down by 2 on our own 20 yard line and no time outs.

Geno Smith had a good first start as a rookie.  He showed good composure when the pass protection was shaky especially in the first half. He’s a pocket passer that can run and when the opening was clear he took advantage.  He did have a fumble that gave an easy score to the Bucs, and an interception,  but also threw some great passes to Gates, Hill, Kerley, and Winslow.  Already he shows the ability to throw screen passes.  I don’t think he ever threw a pass over 25 yards in the air, so he never attempted a deep throw.  I wonder if that was part of the plan, to give him safe passes, or because they knew the Bucs defensive line, LBs, and safeties would crush him.

Now to the defense.  They were so impressive all game, shutting down Doug Martin, and coming from everywhere to pressure Josh Freeman.  Antwan Barnes really showed his speed off the edge and Wilkerson and Harrison were so physical.  Antonio Cromartie had a shaky first half but was much tougher in second, and Milliner still learning. The only bad part was after dominating all day, on the crucial Bucs drive, defense had breakdowns and Tampa Bay looked to win the game with the Field Goal.  Plus we lost about 12-15 seconds in calling time outs (clock management).

Being a forever Jet fan, I was in agony, thinking no way could we win.  But thanks to a rookie hitting Geno out of bounds with 7 seconds left, the Jets are now 1-0!  I was also very proud of Mark Sanchez and the support he was giving Geno all day. Sometimes the only people who end up understanding you are those who have been there before. He was a class act, and from Geno’s remarks, it meant a lot to him.  Also, special kudos to Nick Folk, who was consistent all day.

And it’s a happy Sunday (and doubly happy with the Giants losing!).

On to New England…….

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