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Jets vs Jaguars – Things to Watch For

It’s time to list what I’m looking at vs Jacksonville tonight, other than staying injury free.


  1. Overall – To see offense move smoothly with discipline and precision, not killing themselves with penalties like last game. 
  2. QB – Will Mark use this opportunity to set himself apart? Will Geno play? Can we see a consistent game on offense? Can Mark Sanchez show improvement on screen passes?
  3. WR – Will Ryan Spadola, rookie undrafted WR that has had an amazing camp continue to catch everything and now also step up on special teams to cement a spot? Who else will step up?
  4. RB – Who will get the 2nd back position to what looks like Bilal Powell? Chad Spann (MJD)? Naturally We’re waiting to hear from Mike Goodson, would have been a good fit for this offense scheme.
  5. OL  –  The offensive line is still on constant watch – the starting guards who struggled last game and who will be the back-up tackles.


  1. CB – #1 pick Dee Milliner to show toughness in tackling, and improvement in coverage.  He’s now had a few weeks in practice and one game after recovering from injury. One of the less heralded qualities of Darrelle Revis was his in-space tackling. 
  2. DE/OLB – #1 pick from year ago Quinton Couples to look comfortable in dropping back and to make me keep saying #98 is dominating.
  3. S – Will Antonio Allen or Jaiquawn Jarrett move ahead at safety?
  4. DL – Other than the starters, what number will catch my eye as a pass rusher/runstopper.  Any emotional leaders? I’m looking for passion.

Special Teams

  1. PR/KR – If Kerley is not PR and Cro not KR, who will be the choices?
  2. K – Who will be the kicker? Is the team satisfied with Nick Folk?

I still don’t expect our defense to show all it has till the real season begins.

This is more about individual battles and always hoping for some player to be a “surprise” find!

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