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Remember the Monday Night Miracle

I just love watching the Monday Night Miracle being rebroadcast from 2000. It brings back so many memories of the impossible that CAN happen in our great sport of football. To have the NY Jets be the victor in this game made it even sweeter.

I’m watching and looking at the talent on this team! On offense watching Kevin Mawae pull from center and Richie Anderson Block opening holes for HOF Curtis Martin, and the offensive line protected Vinny (Randy Thomas, Kerry Jenkins, Jason Fabini, Ryan Young, Mawae, Jumbo Elliott), and Richie Anderson was used so well in different positions. Vinny had the huge arm and threw many TDs. INTs were his downfall until Coach Dan Henning worked with him and he had great success with the Jets. Wayne Chrebet was Mr.Clutch and an UFA treasure! Who can forget the late TD by OL Jumbo Elliott!

Defense wasn’t dominating on the line, but great set of linebackers in Marvin Jones, Mo Lewis, James Farrior, and Brian Cox. Aaron Glenn, Marcus Coleman, and Victor Green were great defensive backs.

But the Jets had 4 #1 picks that spring, so waiting to join this group was Chad Pennington, Anthony Becht, John Abraham, and Shaun Ellis. Plus Laveranues Coles was starting as a rookie. No wonder the Jets made the playoffs 5 times in the 2000’s. No Super Bowls but what a group!

Thank you Jets for this game as it really should never be forgotten. . Some games really are Classic!

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