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My Thoughts on the NFL Lockout

This lockout is getting ridiculous. I find fault with both players union and owners. I think it’s great that players bodies are getting 5 months off to recover which they used to get before the 1980s. But the draft was completely different without signing free agents ahead and filling certain needs and then it was horrible not to be able to sign undrafted guys that so often become stars. The only people I see being hurt right now are team employees (and some coaches) that had to take 20-25% pay cuts or take week off each month with no pay. Secretaries and video and PR etc certainly make little compared to players or owners and they are suffering. Players get all their pay during the season and owners have their regular jobs too.

Then there’s us fans that love our teams and I can tell you now that it’s really starting to heat up in conversations with little sympathy for either side. Why do lawyers screw up everything plus take so long? And if they solve it last minute, have 3 weeks to get ready, I can’t wait to see if injuries are different, or greater or less in number. Longer time off may be better or worse for the player.

Please NFL (and if course my beloved Jets), give us back the game we love!

NFL's First Woman Scout Connie Carberg and Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman Joe Klecko
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