Never Give Up: The 2013 Espys

What a great 4 hours of Positive TV watching the ESPYs tonight!  After the past few months of negative press of a small group of athletes getting in trouble and a three week trial that ended dividing so much of our nation, this was just what the doctor ordered.

First, newly married QB Christian Ponder and his lovely wife interviewed athletes of all sports on the red carpet, dressed up and relaxed. Jon Hamm of Mad Men was an awesome host poking fun without being crude at different teams, players, and events.  The presenters didn’t have stupid things to say but were there to present.  The winners were so classy, so positive, and just made me feel so proud of these athletes.

Then came the tributes to cancer survivors and inspiring stories, highlighted by Arthur Ashe Award winner, former sportscaster and now Good Morning America Host Robin Roberts.  She is a breast cancer survivor, then leukemia and receiver of bone marrow transfusion from her sister,  with a beautiful speech about her family, strong faith, and the statement, “when fear knocks at the door, have faith answer” brought me and apparently twitter world to tears.  She was inspiring!

It was a show for the whole family and just made me know that the small percentage of “problem athletes” are just that, a small minority.  So many more are good, hard working, passionate athletes doing charity work and trying to “just win”.

Tonight I feel so good! Thank you ESPYs!

Watch Robin Roberts’ speech below:

Connie Nicholas Carberg grew up around the New York Jets with her father as the team’s internist for 26 years (Dr. Calvin Nicholas). In 1974, she joined the Jets as a secretary. In 1976, she was named the first female scout in NFL History. Her contributions led to a number of top drafts culminating with her discovery of a little known defensive end, Mark Gastineau. ConnieScouts shares her memories and blessings over the years.

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