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Preseason Jets vs Jaguars – Postgame Recap

Preseason Day After

You know it’s Preseason when your team wins by 24 points and the next day you don’t feel like celebrating.


I really like Marty Mornhinweg’s offense as it is developing.  I love the pulling guards and separation our receivers are getting this year. Jeff Cumberland and Konrad Reuland are giving me confidence at TE.   The offensive line totally corrected the penalties and opened holes for Bilal Powell, and Khalil Bell with Tommy Bohanon leading the way. Braylon Edwards still can play and Ryan Spadola again gets deep and holds on to everything.

Everyone has written on the fantastic beginning and then awful interception by Mark so the competition will continue against the rival Giants next week.  Matt Simms, who has an NFL arm for sure, played the best I’ve ever seen for him in practice or a game.


I know the defense is still playing very basic football, not game planning for the Jags, but the lack of intensity, hitting and tackling is troubling. Blaine Gabbert has not garnered a lot of respect yet as a QB in the NFL, but he had a blast.  There was so little pressure and I couldn’t believe the cushion Dee Milliner was giving the WR. I wonder if he’s sure in his head that he’s completely over his injury, cause he was awesome at Alabama.

The second team defense played like they knew they had a chance to make an impact. Players like CB Darrin Walls and Ellis Lankster are always playing with emotion and stood out.

Special Teams

Special teams were strong and Chris Pantale (TE), Danny Lansanah (LB), and Rontez Miles (S) were impressive along with punter Ryan Quigley.

Next Week – Giants

Next week is still pre season but it’s against the Giants.  I don’t want to make another Victor Cruz a household name like we did during the “Hard Knocks” year.  We need to play hard in this game and have a NY Jet become a “name” in that game.

Who will it be?

One More Thing – Dustin Keller

I want to send my well wishes and prayers to Dustin Keller, former Jets TE who tore multiple ligaments and a dislocated knee over the weekend. He was a truly kind person and always so wonderful to me. While he’s no longer a Jet, he’s very special to me and many Jet fans who were lucky enough to know him during his time with the team.

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