Preseason Week 2: Will Real Jet Fans STAND UP?

Please Jet fans, make this preseason game and the stadium sound like a home game!

Mark Sanchez has earned the start and we need to get behind him as he takes the field. Tomorrow night he has a chance to show increasing mastery of this offense, and show the fans he should continue as the Jets starting QB.

There’s No question Geno Smith’s ankle really restricted him this week, and by all accounts he did not throw the way he had the previous two weeks in Cortland. This games is being televised nationally on NFL network so everyone will be predicting the cascade of boos to greet Mark.

I hope Jet fans have more class than than and support him as the competition continues. If he plays awesome, then he is The Man, if not Geno will get his turn.

So lets just show the Jets that we offer some home field advantage.

What’re your thoughts?

***Photograph Courtesy of Bobbee Broderick –

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