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Proud that We’re More Action Than Words

Actions speak louder than words. This is something some people never seem to learn, especially in today’s world of “soundbites” and that the more one talks, the more attention they get for fame.

The NY Jets vs Buffalo Bills game had the feel of a playoff game for many reasons. Though it was only the second game of the season, it was a division game. One team would be 0-2, the Jets were playing a team that knocked them out of last year’s playoff hunt, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has had poor showings vs a Rex Ryan defense in the past.

The pregame shows on TV left me wondering if there was only one team with a Coach. There was never a mention of the Jets coach who took a 4-12 team from that loud bragging Coach and turned them 10-6 team in only  one season.

This victory was even sweeter and more meaningful than most.

Calm, yet in control, Coach Todd Bowles is never the center of attention – it’s the team.  The Jets started out with a shaky first drive, yet came away with 3 points. Then Darrelle Revis was beaten on a long bomb to fall behind quickly. The Jets settled in with WR/TE Quincy Enunwa who has become a force and were up 10 at the half.

The third quarter could have seen the Jets totally fall apart as they had in past years when the Bills scored 17 quick and unanswered points. Again, Ryan Fitzpatrick stayed so calm and attacked the Rex/Rob Ryan defense with long passes to sure-handed Eric Decker, Tough Brandon Marshall, Enunwa, and rookie Jalin Marshall. The offensive line, with 3 new starters (Wesley Johnson in for injured Carpenter) kept getting stronger as the game went on. Matt Forte is such a great addition, and can do it all.

The defense was up and down, but the big interception by Marcus Williams was crucial, along with the 4th down stop led by Sheldon Richardson.  These next 10 days off until the Chiefs game should really help with the defense and communication gaps. Nick Folk was back to being Nick Folk!

What a happy day today! So proud of the focus and intensity the Jets brought to this game.

They showed that talk is cheap!

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