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Remembering a Great Man, Dad, and Doctor

I’m feeling so many emotions tonight.

It’s one year since the passing of my dad, Dr. Cal Nicholas, at the age of 88 from dementia.  He was an amazing father to 3 children and loving husband to my mom, fantastic Physician, and great teacher in life lessons.

He also started my life with the NY Jets, then Titans, in 1962 as he became the team Internist, working with his brother Dr. James Nicholas (team Orthopedist). He loved every moment, and going to Jet camp and games consumed our family. My obsession with football and the Jets started at age 12 and he ALWAYS supported my love of sports and long before women’s sports were commonplace.

I was always so proud, not just because he was the Doctor, but because of the care he gave to each player, star or not, and everyone that worked for the team. He had what they call a “great bedside manner,” never too busy to explain a diagnosis and put a person’s mind at ease. To this day, when I talk to Jets from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, (he retired in 1988) they all tell me such heart warming stories about “Dr. Cal”.

I know how blessed I was to be a part of the Jet family as a teen, then actually getting my dream job working for them, and finally to still be considered Jet family to this day.  My dad made it all possible.  I miss telling him all the stories of my Jet camp visits but have such great memories of bringing him to the 40th reunion of Super Bowl lll in 2008.  The love and respect between all on that team was beautiful and he was right in the middle of it.

Pop, I’m missing you but you’re with me this week! Thanks Pop!

Please enjoy this video that my son created in memory of Pop.

Celebrating the Life of Dr. Calvin Nicholas from Chris Carberg on Vimeo.

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