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The Jets Win: Scouting the Green & White Game

Great Scrimmage

The New York Jets Green and White Scrimmage was all I hoped it would be.  This is a year where the word “competition” really exists at so many positions.  This team has some players set, but others are still wide open and who will complete the 53 man roster is still way up in the air.

Jets Offense Review

No question the QB of the night, even though it was third team vs. third team, was Greg McElroy. Just the way he ran the offense and threw two perfect strike long bombs was impressive. And the two WRs that look so good every day in practice, Vidal Hazelton and Ryan Spadola made big catches.  Spadola makes at least one amazing catch every practice so it’s no accident.  If the ball is near him, he will come down with it. Some players are just like that (Wayne Chrebet).  I heard so much at OTAs about our WRs dropping passes, but I’m much more impressed with this group plus Zach Rogers and Braylon Edwards, even with Santonio being hurt.  Stephen Hill has made great strides in hands and confidence since last year and Clyde Gates has really stepped up and has great speed (something we lacked in the past).

Bilal Powell and recently acquired Chad Spann were real impressive at RB.  Brian Winters at LG got injured early, replaced by Vlad Ducasse, and OL gave the first team QB (Geno 3x, Mark 1x) time to throw. I’m waiting to see more on the TEs before I form an opinion.

Last but for sure not least is the Geno Smith – Mark Sanchez competition.  Geno had the first team offense 3 times (to Mark’s 1) and his opening drive was a beauty.However, he had difficulty in the red zone punching it in and struggled some against the decond team defense. Sanchez had more troubles including the interception, a drop by Kerley, a pass that sailed in the end zone to Gates, but ended with a beautiful deep TD pass to Stephen Hill in stride.  Still, neither QB was allowed to be hit and so Detroit next week will start the real evaluation. A lot can change when players have to take hits and feel real pressure in the pocket (or rolling pocket as it seems to be in our offense)

Jets Defense Review

I really enjoyed watching the third team defense, and the way they were playing with intensity and laying it on the line in this scrimmage.  On defense, aside from the usual starters, a few guys that caught my eye were LB Ricky Sapp, DL Lager Douzable, CB Darrin Walls, and DB Antonio Allen.  Rontez Miles, a safety hurt most of camp caught my eye as a real thumper, something that is always valuable (anyone remember LaRon Landry?).

Cromartie is a Real Deal Leader

“you don’t come out here and boo anybody. If you’re a fan, be a fan.”

The greatest thing of all was the leader of the Jets, Antonio Cromartie, coming out immediately after the scrimmage and letting the booing fans have it. Whether its Sanchez or Smith, Jet fans need to get behind the decision and root for the TEAM!  Thank you CRO for stepping up and saying what needs to be said. On to Detroit!

Photos from Green & White Scrimmage


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