Snoopy Bowl 2013: Oh What a Night(mare)!

Just when you think as a Jet fan you’ve seen it all, a new controversy begins, and during a Pre Season game!

A Star is Born?

This was to be the shining moment for rookie QB Geno Smith, to show he was ready to be the starting Quarterback on opening day. Playing the Giants was a definitely a rude awakening.  Geno made some nice throws and wasn’t helped by a few drops, but it was obvious he was staring down his receivers (3 interceptions) and lost his place on the field for a safety (awareness mistake). He ended the night 16-30.

Fans Need to be Patient

Except for the amazing class from last year and Matt Ryan and Dan Marino from past years, few QBs are ready to lead as rookies.  Russell Wilson and RGlll were drafted by teams with gifted players at RB/WR and a solid OL.  Only Andrew Luck went to a team that was really hurting.

Enter Mark Sanchez (and controversy)

Mark Sanchez came in the 4th quarter with the back-ups in a close game and was 6-7 and then dropped a simple snap (turnover). He started another drive, got hit hard by Bosworth, then rolled out away from pressure and completed a beautiful pass to Massequoi while being hit hard (often I’ve seen flags for roughing on this) and getting hurt.

And With That, Twitter EXPLODED!

Why was Sanchez in? Why with back-ups? Who was the blame? What do we do now?

Now the universe had changed course. I know Coach Rex said Sanchez would play but I think waiting until 11 minutes to go and with the back-ups was questionable. I do understand wanting to beat the rival Giants and to have out him in with the fist team OL as a tune up for opening day would have made more sense.

It’s an endless discussion and I would rather talk about so many good things I saw in the game.

There WERE Positives!

  • First was the comeback of the defense after last week. Yes, there was the first play long run, but after that the Giants did zero!
  • Eli had that look of confusion and was 8-20 for under 100 yards and Jets had great goal line stand.
  • #1 pick DL Sheldon Richardson looked quick, tough, and I loved his emotion.
  • Damon Harrison and Demario Davis also stood out.
  • Isaiah Trufant may be small, but he’s so tough and Dewan Landry showed me more last night.
  • On offense, the OL again kept away from penalties and I was really impressed with Rookie Brian Winters, especially when he pulls.
  • Kellen Winslow really looks smooth and Ryan Spadola gets open and still catches everything as does Ben Obomanu.
  • Rookie Tommy Bohannon shows toughness and can catch out of backfield.
  • On special teams and back up LB, Troy Davis has quite the motor.
  • Last but not least, Matt Simms did a GREAT job against his dad’s former team, and showed a lot of passion. He also showed some promise…

Don’t Fall for the Furor

The whole story of the QB’s and the injury and Rex have rightfully dominated the media world today.  But I’m still happy to beat the Giants as Coach Coughlin went for the tie to send it to OT to win and risked injuries (and one happened on the KO) – guess he thought it important to beat the Jets! And great job by a lot of Jet players – I know I left some out (not on purpose.

Learning an Important Lesson

Hopefully last night fans learned something, that the NFL is a fast game that only special people can quarterback in. Many came into the game wishing that Mark Sanchez had been hurt in the past, but after seeing Geno experience his growing pains, changed their minds and missed Mark. In one instant, everything can change in the NFL. That’s what makes it our favorite sport, and the one that drives us crazy emotionally too.

I still love my J-E-T-S….

Connie Nicholas Carberg grew up around the New York Jets with her father as the team’s internist for 26 years (Dr. Calvin Nicholas). In 1974, she joined the Jets as a secretary. In 1976, she was named the first female scout in NFL History. Her contributions led to a number of top drafts culminating with her discovery of a little known defensive end, Mark Gastineau. ConnieScouts shares her memories and blessings over the years.

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3 comments on “Snoopy Bowl 2013: Oh What a Night(mare)!

  1. I’m not exactly going to parrot Manish Mehta and call for Rex’s head for putting Sanchez in the game, but it was still dumb to do with so little time left in the game. If Rex wanted Sanchez to get some extra snaps, put him in at the start of the 3rd quarter. The fact that he put Sanchez in so late smacked more of wanting to win the game against the Giants – even though it’s preseason and the game is meaningless (I hope the Snoopy Trophy keeps Rex warm at night – making decisions like that will ensure he never sniffs a Super Bowl trophy in his career). What WOULD have been smarter would have been to put Smith in the game so late. Then you also give the 4th stringer some time to develop and see how he does. I’ve been a Jets fan for over 20 years, and have had to sit through a LOT of crap (including Rich Kotite *shudder*), and I think I speak for a lot of Jets fans when I say I’m reaching my limit about how much the Jets can tease us year after year. I mean, The Brooklyn Dodgers were called The Bums because they kept missing the World Series year after year until they finally won it in 1955, but they at least GOT to the World Series almost as often as the Yankees did during the 50s. Hell, in football, CINCINNATI has gotten to the Super Bowl more often in the last 40 years than we have. Buffalo may have lost 4 Super Bowls (paging Scott Norwood), but they at least had their chances. Not since before I was born have the Jets ever gotten to the promised land. There’s really only so much a fan can take…

    • I feel your pain Barry! I was lucky enough to be around for Super Bowl lll as a high school senior and treasure those memories and those guys! And we came close in 1982 if Shula had put the tarp down as we had so much speed. But we came so close two of the last four years so don’t give up. This may be a tough year but I like the youth building and I’m anxious to see our “new guys”.

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