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Teaching Football to Women in 30 Minutes

Last night I had a chance to put my football knowledge to work.  I had been invited by Broward Health in Weston Florida to be one of two featured speakers dealing with Food, Fitness, and Football.  Football 101 for women in a 30-40 minute time frame – so I had to pick what I felt were the toughest parts of football to grasp and also the basic foundation and rules of the game.

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×225.jpg” width=”300″ align=”left” title=”1234890_10151927169491202_1037982306_n-1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]After going over my NY Jets scouting background, I was elated to know that 45 years after Super Bowl lll, every woman of every age still knows who JOE NAMATH is!  That fact established, I found only 10% of the women understood the concept of the “First Down”, how a team gets one, and if you don’t – when does a team punt, go for a Field Goal, or “go for it” on 4th down. Then it was going over positions and responsibilities of each.

The event was catered by Ring-of-Honor Member and Former LB for the Miami Dolphins (Jets big rival), John Offerdahl who owns Offerdahl’s Cafe and Grill and Gridiron Griller.  As I was answering a question about “what’s a nickel defense” I looked up and John Offerdahl walked up to me,  joking:

 “There’s something different with this picture. We have a Female New York Jet in a jersey teaching football, and I’m a male Miami Dolphin wearing an Apron doing cooking AND she really knows what a nickel defense is”! – John Offerdahl

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×225.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” title=”1236642_10151927187206202_1385831571_n” frame=”true” icon=”image”]The entire room cracked up and this football session ended in a way I never expected! It was a great event and I’m looking forward to getting back into teaching women about the sport I love most. It’s not just about women being able to put up with their boyfriends or husbands during football season. My dream is for every woman to enjoy this wonderful game and be able to grasp it. Sports bring us together more than anything else out there!

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