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Thank you Brick!

I will really miss D’Brickashaw Ferguson.  The finality of his retirement from the New York Jets tomorrow at his press conference will be tough to take. The NFL has always been said to stand for “not for long” and through my 50 years of being a diehard Jets fan, you’d think the end of a career would not affect me. It was always hard before free agency, and players retired after playing with one team more often than not.

So the Super Bowl 3 team that I grew up with as my dad was the team Physician and the 70’s and “Sack Exchange” team of the 80’s that were my “employment years” with the Jets – every player that retired, I hurt about and felt a huge personal loss.

Then free agency began and players began changing teams often.  So often I could root and love a player, next thing they’re playing for another team, and no longer were they Jets for Life.

Guys like Chad Pennington, Leon Washington, and Jim Sweeney retired with other teams though to me they were Jets. Then we had players like Al Toon, Dennis Byrd, and Wayne Chrebet that will always be Jets but sadly had careers cut short with injuries.

Looking back, one player that played 13 years, after free agency began, was a homegrown Jet and retired a Jet with over 200 games was LB Mo Lewis. He is one of the few examples the Jets have of this – so special.

I think that’s one reason D’Brickashaw’s  retirement is so tough. A number one draft pick, who never missed a practice or game, always a great role model, so smart, 1 holding call In his last 90 games, a total team player, he is starting and finishing in green and white.

If you’ve read Brick’s many articles, it’s obvious he has a gift for writing and no one questions his many options open to him in his future. It’s just going to be so weird and sad not to see #60 at LT. It’s said the best ability in football is availability and that was D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

He is the truth “once a Jet, always a Jet”!  Plus selfishly I will miss a friend and his amazing parents and family.

I’m so glad the Jets are having a special Press Conference, the tears are starting already.

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