Connie Carberg

Connie Nicholas Carberg grew up around the New York Jets with her father as the team's internist for 26 years (Dr. Calvin Nicholas). In 1974, she joined the Jets as a secretary. In 1976, she was named the first female scout in NFL History. Her contributions led to a number of top drafts culminating with her discovery of a little known defensive end, Mark Gastineau. ConnieScouts shares her memories and blessings over the years.

Was Robert Kraft Really Duped by Hernandez?

Robert Kraft just spoke out saying he was “duped” by Aaron Hernandez and I just don’t buy it. Kraft is a very intelligent and savvy businessman, and he’s experienced these PR headaches in the past. Once you’ve gone through a serious issue, you learn to be prepared for the future. He’s been through Spygate, signing Haynesworth, a guy who stomps …

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Inner Toughness – Dwight Howard vs Andy Murray

Yesterday I found myself watching the men’s finals at Wimbledon. I’m not a big tennis fan but this was more than just a regular Championship.  Andy Murray had the weight of his Country (the Brits who hadn’t won in 77 years) on his shoulders. He was playing the #1 player in the world, and last year he lost there to …

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Remembering Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno is trending on Twitter, and unfortunately it’s not because of his great legacy. It’s about questions (many which are unsubstanciated in full) about his character and honor in handling the information about Jerry Sandusky. I wanted to share my first interaction with Joe in an effort to remind people of who he was for most of his life, …

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My Hero, NFL Draft Genius Mike Holovak

I’m sure it’s hard to imagine the NFL draft without computers, popping in videos or DVDs, no combines, no “pro days” to retime and retest, – that’s the way it was in the 1970’s. I had volumes of handwritten scouting reports and lists of top players were then typed, yes with a typewriter, and put up on huge boards by …

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My Thoughts on the NFL Lockout

This lockout is getting ridiculous. I find fault with both players union and owners. I think it’s great that players bodies are getting 5 months off to recover which they used to get before the 1980s. But the draft was completely different without signing free agents ahead and filling certain needs and then it was horrible not to be able …

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